What's wrong with Science; Scientific publication.(Dr. Randy Schekman's criticism of science journals, Cell, and Nature and Science) Journal

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Systematic grant and funding body acknowledgement data for publications: new dimensions and new controversies for research policy and evaluation Journal

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A LEAP Forward for Quantitative Literacy Journal

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The continued promise of stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine Journal

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Methods for measuring the citations and productivity of scientists across time and discipline Journal

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诺贝尔生理学或医学奖获得者科学论文排序——频度分布研究 - Study on Rank-Frequency Distribution of Scientific Research Papers by Nobel Prize Winners in Physiology and Medicine Journal

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Six authors in search of a citation: villains or victims of the Vancouver convention? Journal

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Scientific collaboration results in higher citation rates of published articles. Journal

Figg, William D (correspondence author) ; Figg, William D (record owner)

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Landes Bioscience Journal

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When Soldiers Speak Out: A Survey of Provisions Limiting Freedom of Speech in the Military Journal

Judge Advocate General'S Legal Center And School Charlottesvile VA (Corporate Author)

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