nicklockwood/NullSafe repositories

NullSafe is a simple category on NSNull that returns nil for unrecognised messages instead of throwing an exception

score:1.0 2012-12-19

uber/NullAway repositories

A tool to help eliminate NullPointerExceptions (NPEs) in your Java code with low build-time overhead

score:1.0 2017-09-01

guregu/null repositories

reasonable handling of nullable values

score:1.0 2014-08-28

w296488320/NullProguard repositories

空白混淆 源码

score:1.0 2018-11-06

m8r0wn/nullinux repositories

Internal penetration testing tool for Linux that can be used to enumerate OS information, domain information, shares, directories, and users through SMB.

score:1.0 2016-04-28

Fody/NullGuard repositories

Adds null argument checks to an assembly

score:1.0 2013-01-07

cloudposse/terraform-null-label repositories

Terraform Module to define a consistent naming convention by (namespace, stage, name, [attributes])

score:1.0 2017-06-27

ryandotsmith/null-buildpack repositories

score:1.0 2011-12-01

apankrat/nullboard repositories

Nullboard is a minimalist kanban board, focused on compactness and readability.

score:1.0 2019-04-28

nullpomino/nullpomino repositories

An action puzzle game

score:1.0 2016-05-24

freemed/tty0tty repositories

Null modem emulator

score:1.0 2011-07-11

avdi/nulldb repositories

NOTE: This is no longer the official Github home of NullDB.

score:1.0 2009-02-08

NullTerminatorr/NullBase repositories

CS:GO external hack base.

score:1.0 2018-04-27

NullPxl/NullCTF repositories

A Discord bot that provides ctf tools for collaboration in Discord servers!

score:1.0 2018-08-14

CarterBain/AlephNull repositories

A python module for algorithmic trading and strategy validation

score:1.0 2013-08-28

kpwn/NULLGuard repositories

kext kills all 32bit binaries lacking __PAGEZERO (required for exploitation of kernel NULL derefs)

score:1.0 2015-08-16

skmp/nulldc repositories

nullDC, a sega dreamcast emulator

score:1.0 2015-03-15

bruceg/nullmailer repositories

Relay-only sendmail/qmail/etc replacement MTA

score:1.0 2010-11-11

akrzemi1/Optional repositories

optional (nullable) objects for C++14

score:1.0 2012-11-28

mattfeldman/nullchat repositories

a rich self-host meteor chat application

score:1.0 2014-10-19

progrium/nullmq repositories

ZeroMQ-like sockets in the browser. Used for building gateways and generally applying ZeroMQ philosophy to browser messaging.

score:1.0 2011-10-16

hashicorp/terraform-provider-null repositories

Terraform null provider

score:1.0 2017-06-05

tseemann/nullarbor repositories

:floppy_disk: :page_with_curl: "Reads to report" for public health and clinical microbiology

score:1.0 2015-01-08

tc39/proposal-nullish-coalescing repositories

Nullish coalescing proposal x ?? y

score:1.0 2017-07-20

dropbox/nn repositories

Non-nullable pointers for C++

score:1.0 2015-07-07

avdi/naught repositories

A toolkit for building Null Object classes in Ruby

score:1.0 2013-05-26

xrgtn/nullfs repositories

FUSE nullfs drivers

score:1.0 2010-08-12

webpack-contrib/null-loader repositories

A loader that returns an empty module.

score:1.0 2014-07-23

lehieuit/Directadmin-1.53-nulled repositories

Directadmin 1.53 nulled

score:1.0 2018-07-12

JuliaStats/NullableArrays.jl repositories

DEPRECATED Prototype of the new JuliaStats NullableArrays package

score:1.0 2015-06-05